10 Interesting Facts About Remote Working

  1. According to statistics from The Global Workplace Analysis, 7 million US employees are working from home at least half of the time.
  2. Remote employees say that they are happy at work 29% more than their on-site peers. – Owl labs
  3. Flexibility (in schedule and location) is the #1 reason why people prefer remote work. – Buffer
  4. There could be over 1 billion remote workers by 2035 – The Economist
  5. Around the world, 44% of companies don’t allow remote work at all. – Owl Labs
  6. 50% of remote workers state that remote work has reduced their sick days. – Indeed
  7. 81% of employees say that the option to work remotely will make them recommend their company to other candidates. – Owl Labs
  8. 85% of the world’s 15000 global businesses have confirmed that location flexibility boosts productivity – IWG Global Workplace Survey
  9. 25% of US employees would take a pay cut of up to 10% to be able to work remotely. – Owl Labs/ Saastr
  10. Employees save an estimated $4,000 to $6,000 a year working remotely. – Flexjobs


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