Essentials of Employer Brand Management

Employer Brand Management can be seen as the process of creating a good employer image in the minds of the candidates in the target audience. The first step of this process is to clarify the current and desired situation, namely how you are perceived as an employer and how you want to be perceived. For this purpose, a special research can be designed for your company, as well as “general content researches (for example: Turkey’s Best Workplaces” research) can be used. While specific researches will provide more detailed information about your company, general research results will provide the opportunity to compare your company with your competitors, other companies in the sector, and even different sectors. Such comparisons are of great importance in terms of demonstrating in which areas your company can make a difference.

The second step of employer brand management is to question the reasons for the differences between the current and ideal image, to determine which of these differences are due to structural reasons and which ones are the result of lack of communication (promotion, advertisement, etc.).

The third step involves developing appropriate solutions to the problems identified in the second step. If the problems have a structural content, it may be necessary to reorganize the relevant components of the employer identity of the company. For example, if the company has a “self-interested” image in the minds of current and potential employees, it may be considered to reorganize the employer identity in a way that brings social dimensions to the fore. Communication problems, on the other hand, can be solved by turning the company towards alternative communication tools or redefining its value proposition to reflect the identity of the company more accurately.

After the completion of these steps, the employer brand identity is clarified. Here, the top management asks, “What is our reason for existence?” “How do we want to be perceived?” “What do we represent?” The answers to the questions such as, are of great importance in the creation of the employer brand.

After the completion of these steps, an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is created in line with the elements in the employer brand identity. EVP is a statement that includes the emotional and functional benefits that the business, as an employer, promises to its employees. In fact, all the promises in the EVP are hidden within the Employer Brand Identity. But at the core of brand understanding is simplicity and clarity. For this, the benefits offered to the employees and what they expect in return are clearly expressed in the EVP. Although the preparation of the EVP may seem simple at first, it constitutes the most critical stage of the employer brand management process.

The last stage is the active communication of the Employer Identity and Employee Value Proposition to the target audience. Here, in addition to traditional tools such as newspaper advertisements, methods such as employee references, social networking, private meetings, company videos can also be used.

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