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Happy Place to Work - Kültür ve Mutluluk

Culture and Happiness

Nowadays, when the rules of the competition are constantly changing, only companies where employees are happy and work with great willingness can grow healthily. For this, we are based on employee happiness and ensure the sustainable high-performance culture in your workplace.



We offer customized solutions based on your company’s culture and internal dynamics.

Inside out

We follow the inside out approach that starts with the employees to ensure workplace happiness.

Result oriented

We aim for your company to achieve sustainable high performance in all solutions we develop.

What we enable

By using the powerful tools of positive psychology, we create a strong awareness of employees, question their perspectives on their managers and teammates, define their roles in happiness and unhappiness, and ensure that they take the initiative for change. We also identify practices that weaken communication and trust in the workplace, and we prepare a road map with concrete milestones for improvement. With this maturation process involving the active participation of all stakeholders, we lay the foundations of a sustainable high-performance culture in your workplace.

Happy Place to Work - Kültür ve Mutluluk

Well-being Index

We define not only the management but also the responsibilities of the employees for happiness.

We define Employee Happiness with the dimensions of “success”, “pride” and “trust” that directly affect the business results and in this way, we ensure that the high performance culture is internalized by all employees.

Happy Place to Work - Kültür ve Mutluluk

Employee Council

Instead of wishes and complaints, we install systems that produce solutions. 

We design communication processes in a way that all employees can contribute to the solution, we establish a strong infrastructure where thousands of suggestions are evaluated and concluded within hours.

Happy Place to Work - Çözümlerimiz - Lider Geliştirme

Cultural Change

We offer customized solutions in line with your company’s needs.

A strong corporate culture creates a happy work environment where employees experience feelings of success, pride, and trust together. In this way, you can sustain profitability and growth in any conditions brought by the competition, in other words, you can achieve sustainable high performance.

Happy Place to Work - İK & İşveren Markası

Employer Branding

We create the perception of ‘the most wanted company’ in the eyes of your current and potential employees.

With our internal and external consultancy process based on employee experience, we increase the loyalty of your existing employees and enable you to become a center of attraction for potential employees.


Let’s transform your business