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Happy Place to Work - Çözümlerimiz - Lider Geliştirme
Happy Place to Work - Çözümlerimiz - Lider Geliştirme

Leader Development

You need to act fast. To do this, you must make sure that your leaders are developing talents to meet the changing needs of today and tomorrow. Our Leadership Development Solutions are designed to enable leaders and candidates to transform into inspiring role models.



We offer customized solutions based on your company’s management style and leadership practices.

Inside out

We follow an inside-out process that begins with the questioning of the individual’s daily behavior.

Results oriented

We aim for your company to achieve sustainable high performance in all solutions we develop.

What we enable

With our unique tools that we have developed with national and international collaborations, we create a strong awareness in your managers, question current leadership approaches, identify their roles in the challenges the company faces and take the initiative for a solution. We also identify leader behaviors that contradict the company’s management culture and goals and prepare concrete road maps that predict behavior changes for more effective leadership. With this maturation process, which includes the active participation of managers at all levels, we lay the foundations of a sustainable high-performance culture in your workplace.

Happy Place to Work - Çözümlerimiz - Lider Geliştirme

Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership solution ensures that your leaders adapt to changing company goals and strategies. 

Includes leadership solutions tailored to your company. It analyzes the current leadership approaches. Leadership requirements are created in line with your company’s goals and strategies. Action plans are prepared to define how these requirements will be implemented on a company basis.

Happy Place to Work - Çözümlerimiz - Lider Geliştirme

White Space Leadership

In the program we run with Great Place to Work®, we define effective leader behavior..

We define the leader behaviors that leaders must reduce, increase, eliminate, and create from scratch in order to bring the company’s vision to life and inspire their subordinates.

Happy Place to Work - Çözümlerimiz - Lider Geliştirme

Adaptive Action Labs

We get results with workshops where the participants focus on their area of influence rather than their area of interest. 

Unlike workshops where suggestions are collected only for senior management and Human Resources, we develop result-oriented action plans that participants can immediately implement after the workshop.

Happy Place to Work - Çözümlerimiz - Lider Geliştirme

Certificate Programs

We ensure that leadership competencies are developed through experience. 

In certificate programs that we have developed together with Turkey’s most prestigious universities, we ensure that participants learn by experiencing their leadership competencies


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