Better engagement and grow happiness


Act immediately on employee feedbacks to make your business a Happy Place to Work. You can monitor changes in engagement with MyPulse employee pulse surveys and take action to enhance the environment more quickly than ever.


    MyPulse improves companies’ work environment and staff morale by connecting managers to employees through our proven surveys.

    Improved employee engagement

    Build better engagement and grow happiness across your team members.

    Reduced employee turnover

    Reduce recruitment expenses and difficulties by knowing more about employees and raising engagement.

    Increased productivity

    Discover internal problems and resolve them rapidly.

    Positive company culture

    Establish a culture that values transparency and courtesy.

    Improved morale

    Pulse checks improves employee morale and team spirit.

    Better teamwork

    Peer recognition develops respect and strengthens group cohesiveness.

    The Power of MyPulse

    Understand your people

    Continuous pulse checks provide you with practical, ongoing employee insights to improve employee engagement and MyPulse tools include an intuitive employee directory management system, an easy-to-use survey generator, and in-product expertise to achieve them.

    Gather frequent real-time insights

    Role-based dashboards that assist leaders and managers in responding to employee feedback more regularly enable you to base your decisions on real-time insights. Even the most complicated organizations can easily swiftly acquire a real-time insight of their employees thanks to built-in and automatic analytics, drill down reports, and extensive filtering.

    Insights that impact the bottom line

    Utilize the built-in action planning tools and knowledge to help your managers execute changes and track the advancement of the actions that will enhance the employee experience.

    Ask questions in where people are likely to respond.

    User-friendly surveys: Increase employee engagement by choosing our personal or anonymous survey formats.

    Sort by segments: By grouping data according to teams, locations, or any other filters, you can get superior insights.

    Works on all devices: Built to function on a tablet, desktop, or mobile device. Use MyPulse everywhere in the globe, including the office or the beach!

    Detailed reports: Our email and web-based reports offer useful insights into the atmosphere of your company.

    Drive company-wide improvements

    Give all organizational leaders the tools they need to promote change and track advancement. Managers can specify the precise actions they must carry out to accomplish results with the help of customizable and pre-built action plans. Managers can also establish due dates, work with other leaders or team members, and collaborate on these tasks.

    With action planning reports that make it simple to track progress by team, department, and issue, you’ll be able to keep them on track as well. This will allow you to determine where you should concentrate your efforts in order to assist managers in implementing their improvements.

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    Leadership starts with listening

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