Designing a “Selective Employer Brand”

When the brand is mentioned, the promise comes to mind. The scope of the promise and the level of fulfillment of that promise determine the value of a brand. In summary, it is very important for the brand to promise something meaningful for its target audience and to fulfill this promise. For example, BMW promises its customers power and performance, Volvo safety, Mercedes prestige. But the strength of these brands differs depending on the degree to which they deliver on these promises. Because people who buy the product/service test the basic promise of the brand in the first place. If the brand does not fully deliver on this promise, it suddenly becomes worthless. Now consider Volvo promising “power and performance” rather than “safety”. Almost no one who buys a Volvo says, “The car I bought isn’t as powerful as advertised, but it’s pretty safe. Good thing I bought it.

Because these people;
(1) Seeks power/performance, not security,
(2) If the security feature is not included in the brand promise, it is unlikely or takes a long time for them to realize it.
For this reason, companies base their brand promises on the strengths of the products/services they offer. It is also extremely important that these strengths make sense to the customer.

The same is true for the Employer Brand. People come to a company for the promise of that company. If the person finds that this promise is not fulfilled after getting a job, he/she will be disappointed, his/her performance will drop and he/she will start looking for ways to leave the company. For this;

(1) Employer Branding studies should be seen as a process that must be carried out from the inside out,
(2) The Company’s Employer Brand should be built on a promise that is of great value to employees and that at the same time the company can deliver 100%.

Actually, I have tried to explain the difference between ATTRACTIVE and SELECTIVE EMPLOYER BRANDS so far.

Creating an attractive Employer Brand is easy. It creates a strong promise that will impress people, then you can become a center of attraction with a strong PR work. However, no matter how qualified the incoming people are, their contribution to your company is limited. And they leave you at the first opportunity. The important thing here is to create a SELECTIVE Employer Brand that will attract the right people to the company.

Now I want you to think for a moment about “how your company looks from the outside” and answer the following questions.
– To what extent does your company’s employer image reflect company realities?
– Does your company’s employer image attract the right people to your company?
– Does your company’s employer image contribute to the loyalty of its employees?
– To what extent are employees proud to be in your company?

The answers to these questions will make your Employer Brand “Attractive?” or “Selective?” will reveal that.

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