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Adel Office Supplies Industry Founded in 1969

Industry: Office Supplies
Company Size: 347
Founded: 1969


The first company that comes to mind when talking about stationery.

The first company that comes to mind when talking about stationery in Turkey, and now a tradition, Adel started operating when its first factory was established in Istanbul – Kartal, 1969. Adel’s pencils and stationery products, both of high quality, have became well known in Turkey and took an important place in education of endless generations. 

Adel is, except for paper products, both in terms of output and product range, the biggest stationery manufacturer of Turkey and nearby countries. Adel produces 13% of wood-cased pencils throughout Europe. 

Since its foundation, Adel has had cooperations with Faber-Castell, the world’s oldest pencils factory. They have reinforced their partnerships via a partnership in 1995, and with this partnership, Adel continues its investments which add value to Turkey.

Since its foundation, Adel has grown steadily and took a great step – in September 2011, getting its strength from its cooperation of many years with Faber-Castell and Anadolu Group’s nationwide experience, it established “LLC Faber-Castell Anadolu” company in Russia.

In 2013, Adel launched its children oriented new brand, Adeland. Apart from its coloring pencils, crayons and watercolor paint, Adeland has broken a new ground and introduced a new and entertaining world to children, creating their own characters, countries, entertainment sets and stories.

Evrim Hizaler - Managing Director, Board Member

It was a detailed, clear-cut process that I believed was evaluated objectively. The fact that an evaluation is made not only among the companies with the highest score, but also among the companies that pass the minimum score shows the importance given to quality by the organization. The fact that the evaluations consisted of both survey and audit stages provided us with a broad perspective in understanding and interpreting the company climate. We carry out many projects, events and studies that touch the employee by putting a lot of effort in the field of Human Resources. In this study conducted by HPW, we had the opportunity to determine our improvement areas better and to see once again that we are working effectively, with 72 points given to the survey by our employees and 75 HR audit points.

The last 2 years were difficult times in our country and in our company, as in the rest of the world. In such a period that affects people so much, we are really happy that our company received a high score and was chosen as the Happiest Workplace  of its sector. I think that this is a positive indicator of the value that both our company and Anadolu Group attaches to its employees and the impact of the corporate culture on the employee. We have been carrying out many works for years under the umbrella of our employer brand “Leave Your Mark” and create value for our employees. In a sense, this award was the reward for our efforts. We will continue our practices every year to make our employees happy in order to receive the title of the Happiest Workplace award, which we received in 2022.

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