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Ak Gıda Food Industry Founded in 1996

Industry: Food
Company Size: 2300
Founded: 1996


The largest producer in the milk and dairy products sector of Turkey...

Ak Gıda operates 6 plants nationwide. With a processing capacity of 5,000 tons of milk daily, it is the largest producer in the milk and dairy products sector of Turkey…

We began with the production of UHT milk, yoghurt, white and hard cheese products. Today, Ak Gıda offers a range of over 300 products from curd to homogenised ream yoghurt, milk desserts and kefir. We operate 6 processing plants in different regions of Turkey: Sakarya, Karaman, Lüleburgaz, Kahramanmaraş and Tire where we process the milk collected from all over the country into natural and tasty products.

As Turkey’s biggest dairy producer Ak Gıda and markets is range of products – milk, yoghurt, ayran, kefir, fresh cheese, and ready-to-eat pudding – under the brand name İçim. İçim brand products are natural, tasty, of high quality and nourishing.

Erkan Güngör - CHRO

We received the “Turkey’s Happiest Workplace” award in the food industry in the “Happy Place to Work- Turkey’s Happiest Workplaces” research. The award that came with this research, in which employee experience was measured, was also an indicator of our people-oriented culture. As the Ak Gıda family, we are happy and proud to have received the ‘The Happiest Workplace in Turkey’ award.

“We build our human resources processes to ensure the development and well-being of our employees. In this context, we have further increased the programs that make a difference during the pandemic period. With these programs, we create platforms where employees can be in constant communication, share their ideas and suggestions, are appreciated, and provide opportunities that support their and their families’ mental and physical health.

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