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Altıntel Port Industry Founded in 1985

Industry: Port
Company Size: 74
Founded: 1985


Arkem Port, located in Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone of Kocaeli province, started operations in 1985.

Arkem Port, located in Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone of Kocaeli province, began construction in 1983 and started operations in 1985. Since then, through capacity upgrades and the addition of new tanks, the facilities became as they are today. 

The current pier is 250 m in length . The construction was completed in January 1988.  

The total capacity of the Tank Terminal Facilities is 81.000 m3 and we have additiona l 3.000 m3 water storage capacity. Presently, there are 63 tanks  that vary in volume from 300 m3 up to 2950 m3.  

The company started services as Altıntel Melamin Sanayi A.Ş in 1985. After its takeover by Arkem Group in 2008, today; it is operating under the title of Altıntel Liman ve Terminal İşletmeleri A.Ş.

Mission To be an exemplar company that ensures safety and respectability, customer satisfaction, environmental-consciousness while keeping the quality of its products and services in the foreground by continuous improvements. 

Vision  To become one of the leading companies and a distinguished brand name in its sector, that emphasizes the importance of speed,  technology and sustainable improvement, a company which is making a difference with its products and services.

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