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Anadolu Sigorta Insurance Industry Founded in 1925

Industry: Insurance
Company Size: 1517
Founded: 1925


Down through the years, Anadolu Insurance Company’s unchanging principle of paying claims immediately and in full has been a source of confidence for our country’s people.

As a privately-owned insurance company, Anadolu Insurance Company has played an important role in the development of the insurance industry in Turkey and in the modernization of the country’s socioeconomic environment in parallel with that development ever since it was founded.

As part of the “Recon Project” that it launched in 1997, the company has brought all of its agencies into its data processing network through an online and real-time system. Through the benefits of information technology, it has raised the quality of its services to modern-day levels.

Down through the years, Anadolu Insurance Company’s unchanging principle of paying claims immediately and in full has been a source of confidence for our country’s people.
Backed today by a strong capital base and advanced infrastructure, Anadolu Insurance Company takes a pioneering approach to insurance that is focused on customer satisfaction through its principle of “Never Lose” while seeking to encourage the spread of insurance awareness throughout Turkey.

Anadolu Insurance Company operates in the non-life branches (Fire, Marine, Accident, Engineering, Agriculture, Legal Protection, Personal Accident, Health and Credit) and has 2.500 agencies in Turkey.

Mehmet Şencan - CEO

In the Happy Place to Work research process, I see that a meticulous and detailed study has been carried out that deals with the behaviors and attitudes of the individual, starting from their feelings and thoughts. I believe that employee happiness is priority on the basis of a happy work environment. I would like to state that I found the research details and the results very useful. At Anadolu Sigorta, which has focused on employee happiness for a long time, we carry out important projects based on employee satisfaction for the development of corporate culture. In this context, I can say that research methods and feedback that match our company’s vision are a valuable resource that we can also benefit from. I believe that research based on employee experience and practices that support a human-oriented work culture will also have a positive impact on the business processes of companies’ human resources departments and shape their roadmaps more clearly for mutual benefit.

I am very happy that our success has been certified with the “The Happiest Insurance Company” award in this research organized by Happy Place to Work. The loyalty and satisfaction of our employees to our company is extremely important to us. I think that our people-oriented working culture is the most important factor in our success. In this direction, we continue to implement projects and innovations that we believe can contribute to the personal development of our employees in their social lives as well as their business performance. I also think that the Happy Place to Work award is extremely motivating for us to take our successful work towards our friends to a higher level. As an institution that is the owner of this award, we will continue to maintain the high energy of our strong corporate culture and our working environment, where we are together with our happy employees.


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