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Askon Iron-Steel Industry Founded in 1932

Industry: Iron-Steel
Company Size: 300
Founded: 1932


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Hilmi KONYALIOĞLU founded a small private establishment about agricultural machinery tools in a humble place in 1932. This establishment, founded during first years of the republic, carried on its activities by keeping its important role in development of area’s agriculture with production of machinery and tools which were needed to take agriculture from wooden plow to mechanical method.

The establishment turned into an aggregate corporation with the name “Hilmi KONYALIOĞLU VE OĞULLARI KOLL. ŞTİ.” when second generation was ready to take part in establishment in 1963. Besides, the company took in partnership with some investment companies, which produced long rolling mill, to make contribution to Denizli industry by producing longitudinally-welded steel pipe.

In 1979, the company which was reorganized with the name “KONYALIOĞLU METAL SANAYİ PAZARLAMA” started to steel marketing, rolling mill business and commitment business in addition to producing agricultural machinery. In 1979, our company also started production of agricultural and industrial machinery by founding a new establishment with the name “KONMASAN TARIM MAK. İML. SAN. A.Ş.” by considering conditions of developing marketing.

Our company with marketing and industrial background and experience for 85 years about iron and steel was renamed as “Askon Demir Çelik” under direction of D. Aslan KONYALIOĞLU in 1990 and has been carrying on its industrial and marketing activities since then.

Our company has gained the importance in this industry to have a word about process and distribution of steel with high strength and special quality, production of constructional industrial steel and supply of raw material, thanks to the technological investments which are made parallel to fast progress in economic conditions in our country and world.

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