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Atasun Optics Founded in 2007

Industry: Optics Retail
Company Size: 1545
Founded: 2007


The first brand that comes to mind in optical retail

Atasun Optical Retail Trade. Inc. In 2007, we started to serve in Turkey under GrandVision, one of the global leaders of the optical retail industry, with more than 7,000 points and more than 37,000 employees in 44 countries. With the transfer of GrandVision shares in 2021, we joined the EssilorLuxottica group. We continue to operate as a part of the world’s leading optical retail organization.

In the past years, the works we have carried out with the vision of “becoming the most recommended retail leader” in the sector have brought us to the position of “the first brand that comes to mind in optical retail”, as well as bringing many awards. With the mission of seeing good and looking good to everyone, we enable our customers to reach us 24/7 from anywhere in Turkey with our 322 stores in 68 provinces, our e-commerce structure and our mobile application.

With the awareness that our customers are at the center of everything we do at Atasun Optik, we work to ensure the satisfaction of our customers with our friendly and experienced team. We bring our customers together with quality service, product variety, transparent and economical prices. We promise quality assurance with lifetime free maintenance, 7-day return, 30-day exchange, and 2-year warranty.

Nihat Aydın - CEO

At Atasun Optik, we have a working culture that we call “everything is about you”. In this direction, we aim to be an inspiring employer brand in the sector by continuing to work to increase the happiness and well-being of our colleagues. The Happy Place to Work research process has been very useful for us to understand the success of our work in this field. Research process consisted of detailed questions aimed at understanding and getting to know the culture, structure and projects of the company in depth. In this way, we were able to explain Atasun Optik in detail, both as an employer brand and in terms of working culture, with the right questions. In short, we consider the results we obtained in line with the survey delivered to our store and head office employees as a part of our inclusive work.

This award further increased our motivation to strengthen our employer brand. In addition, thanks to this, we had the opportunity to announce our name to large masses including both current employees and candidates once again as a company that they would want to work for. On the other hand, we find it very valuable that the peaceful, happy and safe work environment we offer to our employees has been evaluated by an independent organization. This shows that when our practices are evaluated in a fair and transparent way, they are worthwhile to be a happy workplace, that is, we are on the right track. Of course we are very happy about that.

Thanks to this award, we had the opportunity to re-evaluate ourselves and our practices and increased our awareness and consciousness. Therefore, I can say that HPW will be crucial in taking new steps towards strengthening our employer brand.

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