Borusan Logistics Founded in 1973

Industry: Logistics
Company Size: 1616
Founded: 1973


Today, we continue on our path of growth and expansion with our 3500 strong workforce behind us.

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Since 1973, we have retained our leading position in the sector as an integrated logistics service provider. In 2012, we even went one step further and overtook Balnak, one of the 10 great players in the sector, to buttress our already powerful position in the industry. Today, we continue on our path of growth and expansion with our 3500 strong workforce behind us.

Third Party Logistic services include complete, partial and special transportation services milk run, warehousing and production logistics, supply chain solutions and vehicle logistics. We develop the most suitable solutions in accordance with demands and needs of our customers in each link of the supply chain, and offer custom solutions tailored to customer needs in the operations we carry out.

Third Party Logistic services, Borusan Lojistik offers logistics services for non-gauged loads that require sensitivity, expertise, experience, and equipment such as heavy and special transportation equipment. We provide ship organization, Project consultancy, heavy transportation and ship loading, unloading, port zone operations, warehousing, door-to-door transportation, site unloading and storege services as well as assembly and customs clearance services as part of Project Logistics.

We minimize the cost with the purchasing power that creates economics of scale, and heavy transportation equipment by undertaking all the possible risks throughout the Project processes. We provide competitive edge for our customers with the distinctive integrated we offer through our wide range of services, as well as our international experience.

Third Party Logistic services include International Transportation Services which is handled by Borusan Lojistik in the fields of land transportation, container transportation, air transportation, rail transportation and multi-modal transportation.

Serdar Erçal - General Manager

“We have a working environment where we focus on people and live Borusan values with all of our employees. We continue our investments to support the development and career journeys of our employees, to maintain the best working conditions, and to work in open communication and transparent sharing environments by observing equality of opportunity. We started the agile working method at the beginning of the pandemic. We brought dynamism to the teams with the online working environment. Our employees were able to improve themselves by gaining new knowledge and skills. In order to make the happiness of our employees sustainable, we will continue to work in line with our management model and strategy that focuses on the value we place on people and sustainability.”

Borusan CEO

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