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Adel Office Supplies Industry Founded in 1969

Industry: Industrial Software Solutions
Company Size: 32
Founded: 2019


It offers modern solutions and products.

BISS is a software solutions company consisting of experienced professionals who specialize in IoT Applications and Embedded Systems. Each engineer has extensive experience in leading Technology Development companies and is an expert in their field. Powered by Technology and Innovation, BISS provides modern solutions and products in areas such as Embedded Systems, DevOps Architecture, Test Automation, and Code Quality.

Our goal is to accelerate the business success of high-tech organizations with innovative designs and state-of-the-art software solutions that provide a competitive advantage in the digital market. With BISS’s rapid prototyping, idea validation, and solution accountability, organizations can focus more on their product ideas and their value to end-users, ultimately achieving shorter time-to-market for their products.

Digitalization is at the heart of today’s industry and will continue to grow, increasing the importance of software-driven solutions. Investments in product intelligence with high-level software today will echo into the next decade, and players who adapt to the “New Digital” will thrive. BISS is one of the pioneers of intelligent software solutions and guides organizations throughout their digital journey with consultation and guidance.

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