Boyner Retailing Industry Founded in 1981

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Industry: Retailing
Company Size: 4018
Founded: 1981


Serves in order for its customers to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

Boyner Grand Retailing Inc.., the flagship of Boyner Group that is the largest non-electronic retail group that is publicly traded in Turkey… Boyner, starting its operations in 1981 with its store opened under the ‘Çarşı’ nameplate in Bakırköy, has continued its constant growth by introducing innovations to the shopping world. It has empowered its position in the sector by acquiring the shares of YKM in 2013. Today, Boyner serves with 117 stores in 37 provinces in Turkey, in 6 different retailing concepts with its department stores and its Boyner Sports, YKM Sport concept stores specializing in a single category, Outlet Stores and YKM Stores. Boyner offers many domestic and international brands to its customers collectively, in a variety of categories ranging from women’s, men’s, bids’, baby, teens’ active sportswear, shoes and accessories, to cosmetics and home decoration products. In addition, it brings its customers together with brands that are exclusive to Boyner and YKM in the women’s, men’s, kids’, teens’ active sportswear and shoes categories, namely Fabrika, Black on Black, Aeropostale, National Geographic, Limon Company, Mammaramma, Barbie, Funky Rocks, Limon Company Kids, Aeropostale Kids ve National Geographic Kids. Boyner and YKM Stores offers millions of top quality products in all lifestyle categories to its customers with the correct season and brand synergy, visual merchandising, service and perfect shopping layout, and serves in order for its customers to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

Seda Kayrak Kızıltan - CHRO

“We base our projects on ‘creating happiness’ for our employees. Continuous learning and development are among the subjects we focus on… We have implemented many training and development programs within the scope of Boyner Group Academy, and we continue to develop these programs. With our mentoring program, we match more than 20 employees with top managers every year. With the projects we have implemented, we have approached our goal of creating a ‘happy’ and ‘smiling’ culture. In terms of happy employees and company loyalty, we achieved 60 percent better results than the average results of similar sized companies in the retail industry. The topics we will focus on in the future for our employees will be leadership, individual development, intrapreneurship, sustainability and social responsibility.”

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