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Gözalan Group Sportswear Industry Founded in 1987

Industry: Sportswear
Company Size: 500
Founded: 1987


Succeeding together is our greatest value!

Gözalan Group; It is an experienced and dynamic community that gathers brands and companies operating in various fields of expertise in the country and abroad.

The foundations of Gözalan Group were laid in 1969 in Germany. Gözalan Group, which has more than 10 brand investments in 4 sectors, is proud to offer the world’s leading brands to Turkey’s use with its more than 50 stores and nearly 500 employees.

Arda Tayanç - General Manager

We found it very useful in terms of showing us where we are positioned in our sector, among all participating institutions and in the eyes of our employees. The questionnaire and HR Audit had very clear and understandable content. We were pleased with the valuable support of the HPW team during the preparation, initial and final stages. Technical problems arose due it was the first time for both HPW and us to collaborate but we quickly resolved them.

What matters to us is the happiness of each of our employees, rather than winning an award or participating in the race, and this has been confirmed by this research. While we care about success together in a fair, transparent, respectful and loving environment in our corporate culture, we use our creative and passionate aspects to transform our working life into a sincere and enjoyable one, and always look for continuous improvement. We love and care about experiencing success, joy and sadness together in our group. We know that each individual is a part of our family and we are proud of it. This big family also has features and strengths that must be developed; The most important factor that increases our motivation is our belief in continuous improvement and our desire to succeed together.

The most important contribution of this award to us has been that we have “certified the culture of success together and created awareness outside”, which we all predicted but did not express in any medium. We are a team that is both happy and successful by getting what they want and loving and glorifying what they get. This award honors us immensely. Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed.

Columbia CEO

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