DeFacto Clothing Industry Founded in 2003

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Industry: Clothing
Company Size: 6873
Founded: 2003


Happiness Looks Good on Us!

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We aim DeFactans to become fashion retailers with high team awareness and strong professional qualities who internalise our corporate values, adopt a customer-focused approach, progress with a leadership vision, and carry out work with a social responsibility awareness.

We care a lot about DeFactans’ satisfaction and commitment. Saying “Happiness Looks Good on Us!” we put our projects into practice as guided by our employees’ demands and suggestions, strengthening our employer brand.

At the center of all our activities are “Change Management”, “Sustainable Growth”, and “Social Benefit” as we continue to reach our goals.

  • In line with DeFacto’s vision, we prepare the organisation for transformation and change.
  • In line with our strategy to become a global brand, we translate DeFacto’s corporate values and culture into a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • We contribute to business results by establishing functional development schools for transferring DeFacto’s corporate memory and know-how in order to reach its strategic business targets.
  • With our Integrated Human Resources model, we support DeFactans’ professional careers and we carry out various development projects in collaboration with universities, vocational schools, and various other collaborators.
  • By raising qualified human resources for the sector and working alongside our suppliers, our customers, universities, and a substantial number of NGOs, we increase social benefit while at the same time strengthening our employer brand.

DeFacto’s most valuable asset is the strength of human resources: its employees. This is why the DeFacto Academy takes its inspiration only from DeFactans for its performance, energy, vision and uniqueness.

İhsan Ateş - CEO

It is a proud achievement for us to be deemed worthy of the “Turkey’s Happiest Workplace” award in our sector as a result of the votes of our employees and independent evaluations.

DeFacto has been growing and developing with its applications that make its employees fall in love with our company since the first day it was founded. Our Happiness Directorate, which we established in this context, has been bringing innovative and creative practices to both our company and our industry for more than 10 years. It designs programs that will contribute to the well-being of our employees in both their business and private lives. To give a few examples of these; We are carrying out works that attract international attention in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion. We are proud to be multicultural with our nearly 15,000 employees in 93 countries. In addition, approximately 60% of our employees are women, and we are making a strong investment in gender equality with the ‘Happy Women’s Movement’.

Simultaneously, we take it as a mission to prepare our employees for the next generation business world and to present them with the first examples of this world. Our ‘remote working’ model, which is among the firsts not only in our sector but also in the business world, is an important proof of this. Now, our employees from both our country and all over the world can serve DeFacto’s journey of offering the best without any restrictions.

As DeFacto, we are also aware of the importance of creating social and environmental value with meaningful goals. In this direction, we carry this precious culture that we have created in our company to our society with Happiness Ambassadors. Every year, we undertake social responsibility projects that touch life and produce solutions through various collaborations. Because we believe that; ‘happiness is everyone’s right’


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