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Divan Accommodation Industry Founded in 1956

Industry: Accommodation
Company Size: 1562
Founded: 1956


We are a big family working with the passion of perfect service!

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Our vision is to continue to strengthen our national leadership position and to grow by being among the most respected brands not only in Turkey but also in the world in the hotel management, gourmet products and food and beverage sectors.

We are a big family working with the passion of perfect service! We turn glorious dreams into reality with team spirit. We overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles with the strength of unity and solidarity.

We believe there is no end to learning! We chase after gaining new knowledge and experiences every day. We are excited to share what we know with our teammates and to develop together.

We treat feedback as a gift! We get feedback from the people we work with to improve ourselves. We provide constructive advice to each other at every opportunity, while giving importance to mutual respect.

We appreciate those who work hard and add value! We are happy and proud of the success of our teammates. By sharing good examples on every platform, we ensure their spread and proliferation.

We are reliable at all times and in everything! We always do our work correctly and on time. We take great care to protect the information shared with us, to comply with ethical rules, laws and procedures.

We are compatible with the digital world and the information age! We are creative and innovative! We lead change, work agile and fast. We define and continuously improve our processes. We use data in our work and decisions, and transform our knowledge into corporate memory.

We are the representatives of a well-established world brand! We know that our guests and society know Divan with us and our actions. We proudly carry this delightful responsibility on our shoulders.

Özgür Şahin - HR Director

“Employee loyalty, happiness and ‘establishing a bond of heart’ with our employees have always been our top priority. In order to reinforce our existing teamwork, “We Are D-One/Biriz” Always established our main framework and quickly put it into operation. We received the greatest support from our “Cultural Ambassadors” team, which consists of our colleagues, for the successful implementation of our process. It was a journey for us and we felt that this journey continued every time there was development. We redefined our ‘Council Values’ in line with our company strategies and culture, with participation from all levels, and shared them with all our employees and ensured that they were internalized. The most critical and exciting point here was our esteemed Divan employees who carried us to domestic and international awards.”

Divan HR Director

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