Evidea E-Commerce Industry Founded in 2008

Industry: E-Commerce
Company Size: 367
Founded: 2008


Everything here's for my home.

Evidea is an e-commerce site and a chain of stores that offers quality, general-purpose products at reasonable prices, cares about customer experience, follows the market, pioneers and inspires new trends for those who want to shop for their house and add value to their house.

E-commerce retailer Evidea, which has been serving in the household products category since 2011, continues to grow with its retail store chain in addition to its strong e-commerce identity.

Evidea; offers a wide range of products in the categories of kitchen, home textile, home decoration, complementary furniture, lighting, bathroom, electrical appliances and home life. The slogan of Evidea, which especially excites female consumers, is “everything here’s for my home”.

Evidea continues to grow with its lean, simple and strong organizational structure and its staff consisting of people who believe in the importance of education, training and team spirit.

Kazım Mavuş - General Manager

“Since the day we were founded, we have been working to have happier and more successful employees. We are aware of how important it is to be a happy workplace, and with this awareness, we listen to our employees and respond to their demands. Evidea’s average age is very young and dynamic. To manage such a team, we care about their ideas and listen to them at every opportunity. The opinion of our employees at all levels is very valuable to us. We started to form committees within the company to bring their ideas to life. We assign duties to all our employees in these committees, regardless of their department or position. Apart from these committees, as senior executives, we attach great importance to open door communication.”

Evidea CEO

How They Celebrate

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