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Garanti BBVA Filo Fleet Rental Industry

Industry: Fleet Rental
Company Size: 83
Founded: 2007


Our sectoral strength lies in customer satisfaction…

With the expertise of the Garanti BBVA Filo team and the experience of the Garanti BBVA brand, we provide high-standard car rental services all over Turkey to individual drivers and corporate businesses with long-term vehicle needs.

Since the first day we set out, we have been working non-stop to be one of the most reliable companies in the fleet leasing sector and we put the satisfaction of our customers at the center of the services we provide.

We want to experience the comfort and advantages of vehicles of all brands and models sold in Turkey without the need for purchase, and our customers enjoy a reliable companion thanks to our detailed services.

Ayşegül Gülgor - CEO

“We care about the personal development and training of each employee. We have an education portal that we use together with Garanti BBVA. We offer a training pool with very detailed content such as personal development, technical and foreign language training. We have discounts for our graduate education programs. We organize small seminars under the name of Let’sTalk, where expert speakers give special conversations about life and tell about their different experiences. We have a wellbeing application called Good Look for yourself, which is implemented across all Garanti BBVA. It includes experts, employee hotline, domestic violence hotline, medical assist and clubs. Online events are also organized for the break holidays of our employees’ children. We continue our actions to be a Happy Workplace by adding new ones every year.”

Garanti BBVA Filo Ceo

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