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Gratis Personal Care Retail Industry

Industry: Personal Care Retail
Company Size: 5459
Founded: 2009


Look good at yourself.

Gratis, which is the leader in the personal care sector with the most extensive store network in Turkey, is a personal care and cosmetics market chain established in Istanbul in 2009.

Gratis, where there are many brand products as well as imported brands that are only available in Gratis stores; is Turkey’s number 1 personal care market, bringing together more than 30,000 products in 13 different categories, from make-up products to baby care, from cleaning and hygiene to snacks.

The aim of Gratis, which set out with the motto of “Look Good at Yourself”, is; while providing its customers with easy, fast and convenient shopping opportunities, it offers its customers a personalized and pleasant shopping experience with exciting new brands and products, as well as basic personal care needs.

Özlem Gündüz - HR Director

“We work to create a work environment that allows all our colleagues to realize their potential, where they can express their opinions and gain new experiences. In this direction, we add new projects that we can consider to be pioneering to our practices that we have been successfully carrying out for years. As a result of the ‘Employee Satisfaction Survey’ we conduct every year, we started to work on the demands of our colleagues and put them into practice. For this, we did group work in which we touched all our head office employees and started to take action. In the recent period, we have established our Beauty academy in order to employ within our own structure, to provide a profession, and to bring qualified candidates to the sector.”

Gratis HR Director

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