Hilti Construction Technologies Industry Founded in 1941

Industry: Construction Technologies
Company Size: 239
Founded: 1941


We build a better future by passionately creating enthusiastic customers

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Hilti stands for quality, innovation and direct customer relationships. Some 31,000 employees around the world, in more than 120 countries, contribute to making work on construction sites simpler, faster and safer while inspiring customers every single day. With products, system solutions, software and services that provide clear added value.

Having roughly 280,000 individual customer contacts each day, many ideas for improvement are often developed directly on construction sites while talking to customers. If there is a challenge for which no Hilti solution exists, one will be developed. This is why we invest approximately 6 percent of sales each year in research and development. From product development to manufacturing, logistics, sales and services, we cover the entire value-added chain.

Our strategic objective is sustainable value creation through market leadership and differentiation. The company, based in Schaan, Liechtenstein, has also been planning with financial foresight since its founding in 1941 by brothers Eugen and Martin Hilti. All company shares are in the possession of the Martin Hilti Family Trust, which ensures the long-term continuity of the Hilti Group.

Our mission statement, “we passionately create enthusiastic customers and build a better future”, is the compass by which we align our entrepreneurial activities and develop sustainable and innovative solutions. Hilti thereby takes equal responsibility for the health and safety of its employees and users of its products, as well as for society and the environment. In addition to the charitable Hilti Foundation, our integrated partner in issues of sustainability, the values we live by every day in our dealings with team members, partners and customers also contribute to this: integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment.

Banu Deniz Çetinkol - General Manager

“Valuable, performance-oriented culture” forms the basis of our strategy. Our annual Hilti Culture Camps are a model that has received numerous awards as a successful practice in the HR world. Within this framework, Hilti Turkey employees learn deeply about our culture at the NEO Camp the year they are hired. We provide trainings and workshops to our employees and team leaders to support diversity, equality and an inclusive work environment. While accelerating our efforts to increase the female workforce, we also increased the paternity leave of our male employees from 5 to 10 working days. At Hilti, we believe that creating sustainable value depends on people. Within the scope of Hilti Academy, we organize trainings to improve the leadership qualities of our mid-level managers.”

Hilti General Manager

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