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İş Factoring Founded in 1993

Industry: Factoring
Company Size: 196
Founded: 1993


Offers reliable, fast and competitive services.

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İş Faktoring was founded in 1993 as an affiliate of Türkiye İş Bankası. Carrying on its business in the sector for more than 20 years, İş Faktoring offers its clients reliable, fast and competitive services in the fields of financing, guarantees and collection. Companies that are customers of İş Faktoring benefit from the factoring’s advantages of fast cash flow and saving on time and resources.

İş Faktoring offers factoring service also for the international transaction of companies thanks to its wide correspondent network in Factors Chain International (FCI) which it works with for overseas purchases and sales.

Adopting the principle of providing its customers always with the best service with the strength it gets from its strong financial structure, long-established corporate identity and expert staff, İş Faktoring is today one of the leading companies of its sector.

As the reliable business partner for companies of all sizes in our country for domestic and overseas buying and selling transactions, İş Faktoring pioneers the sector and takes confident steps towards the future.

Our Vision: To be one of the leading and most preferred corporations of the sector through our strong capital structure, expert staff and customer-oriented working principle.

Our Mission: Acting upon the principle of providing our clients, whom we consider the reason for our existence, with the best service, to produce fast and effective solutions that are compatible with our customers’ needs and to position ourselves as the solution partner of our customers.

Ömer Karakuş - CEO

Stating that as İş Faktoring, they are a successful representative of the ‘Business Culture’, which always attaches importance to values, always puts people at the forefront and focuses on people, İş Faktoring officials continue as follows: “We will continue to implement it in an equitable manner. We will maintain the warmth of a happy family environment by trying to eliminate all obstacles that may arise in order to maintain the dominance of a democratic and open communication understanding that is free from personal egos within the company. We will make the remote and freelance working models permanent in line with the demands of the modern age and the new generation, and we will ensure that the working models that more consider the work and private life balance will be permanent.”

İş Faktoring Ceo

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