kolay gelsin

Kolay Gelsin Cargo Industry Founded in 2018

Industry: Cargo
Company Size: 667
Founded: 2018


We aim to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction by offering them services and products that meet their needs.

In 2016, we took our first steps into the e-commerce transportation industry with our innovative solutions before officially establishing our company in 2018. It embraces a people-oriented vision and aims to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing services that meet their needs.

Thanks to its innovative approach towards the e-commerce transportation industry, Kolay Gelsin has blazed a trail by making the delivery process people-oriented. Besides customer satisfaction, Kolay Gelsin is also passionate about social responsibility. It uses natural resources efficiently to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

The e-commerce industry, which is developing and changing on a global scale, significantly changes the cargo industry and customer expectations. In this context, we play an important role in the development of the e-commerce sector by being prepared in line with a vision that understands the requirements of customers and the age. 

While the e-commerce sector is growing rapidly, the relationship of customers with cargo companies is increasing at the same rate. We are working to change the courier perception in the minds of customers by making use of the latest technological innovations, completely oriented towards customer expectations.

“We exist for the cargo to fit the people, not the people to the cargo!” Our Customer Operations Officers (MOY), selected in line with their mission, work meticulously to deliver customers’ shipments safely and according to the delivery details they have determined, using the technology we have developed specifically for shipment deliveries.

We aim to provide “sustainable customer satisfaction” with services that will meet customers’ expectations.

Gülçin Poyraz - General Manager

“We are a team that knows that the primary emotion that affects happiness is to feel valuable. To perpetuate this feeling, we all appreciate each other in all that we do well. The orientation process, which starts with the recruitment process, which is designed and implemented effectively, is very critical for the employee experience. Honestly, getting the title of happy workplace was not something we focused directly on. This is actually an output of our human focus with employee experience. In order to ensure the continuity of this, we will continue to develop and improve continuously, along with our existing applications. Bringing the culture of working with feedback, empathy and cooperation to the forefront, keeping our focus on learning and development alive, and maintaining internal communication activities will constitute our basic approaches.”

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