Kordsa Supply Technologies Industry Founded in 1973

Industry: Supply Technologies
Company Size: 1500
Founded: 1973


Inspired from life, we reinforce life.

Kordsa leads tire reinforcement market with longstanding strategic partnerships with all global tire players while expanding its product portfolio with invesments in composite technologies.

Kordsa’s success story begins in 1973 with Sabancı Holding’s plant investment in Izmit to produce tire cord fabric for tire manufacturers.

Through the years, Kordsa becoming the market leader in Turkey has also achieved a leading position in global markets by a great know-how on reinforcement materials and processes, its market leadership, strong R&D practices, open innovative approach and strategic perspective in the tire reinforcement industry.

Kordsa has been globally recognized as “The Reinforcer” thanks to its technology and market leadership, strong global footprint and 43 years of experience in the reinforcement technologies. Kordsa, reshaping the industry with its “The Reinforcer” position and its strong innovative approach, has entered new business fields and has implemented its tire reinforcement know-how into construction reinforcement and composite reinforcement industries.

Kordsa, the leader of the reinforcement technologies, has established the Composite Technologies Center of Excellence in Technopark Istanbul in 2014. The center became active in 2016 in cooperation with Sabancı University. In this center, lecturers of Sabancı University, PhD students and Kordsa employees will be working under the same roof. In this cooperative model, which will be a pioneer in Turkey, Kordsa implements and conducts the “open innovation” concept.

Currently, over 4000 global employees of Kordsa work to deliver reinforcement technologies to the world.

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