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Little Caesars Fast Food Industry

Industry: Fast Food
Company Size: 251
Founded: 1996


A brand that broke new ground in its sector with its vision and practices...

While Little Caesars has continued to grow under the management of Çelebi since 1996, it has been increasing its market share as one of the first pizza brands that come to mind.

Founded in 1959 in Detroit, USA, Little Caesars is one of Çelebi’s major breakthroughs in the food industry. Serving Turkish consumers since 1996, Little Ceasers has around 6000 restaurants today. Little Caesars conducts all its activities with the belief that quality should not be compromised in order to gain and maintain the trust of its customers.

Inventor of Turkey’s first delicious side pizza, Little Caesars offers its customers a variety of pizzas to appeal to all tastes, as well as special side products such as potatoes, chicken wings and soufflés prepared daily.

As a brand that broke new ground in its sector with its vision and practices, Little Caesars continues its services with an ever-increasing number of restaurants in Istanbul, Adana, Ankara, Balıkesir, Bursa, Çanakkale, Eskişehir, Hatay, Kocaeli, Mersin, Sakarya, Samsun, Tekirdağ and Zonguldak. . Offering high quality products under more economical conditions than its competitors and with a service approach aiming at 100% customer satisfaction, Little Caesars will continue its efforts, restaurant investments and the number of franchisee restaurants, without compromising on quality standards.

Banu Arıduru - CEO

“Little Caesars employees are united under the values and company vision from day one. Because we believe that employee loyalty and happiness come from sharing the same values and vision. We have a great HR department that works not just to work together, but to have fun, dream and see our dreams come to life. If our employees are happy, our customers are happy, and if our customers are happy, we are all happy. In the upcoming period, employee well-being will be our main topic. We have a management perspective that ‘reads’ and ‘listens’ to the needs of employees. In the new period, we will add employee well-being metrics, namely ‘well-being analytics’ to our measurements.”


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