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Industry: Financial Services
Company Size: 319
Founded: 1999


A leading fintech group with its technology and start-up investments.

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Multinet Up was established in 1999 as a meal card company, and today it has turned into a leading fintech group with its technology and start-up investments. It has an ecosystem that touches over 200 thousand institutions and 2 million card users.

Virtual payment infrastructure for businesses in financial services, which manages a company’s employee-related expenses such as meal cards, fuel, flexible fringe benefits, rewards, travel and accommodation, and almost all operational expenses of SMEs and micro businesses that are not dependent on employees, with cost and payment advantage thanks to collective purchasing power and its subsidiaries that offer payment solutions for individuals who do not work with banks. It cares that its stakeholders in all these fields trade with each other and create mutual value in the ecosystem it has established and managed.

Our Vision: To be a reliable and first choice solution partner that makes life easier by constantly creating value for its stakeholders.

Our Mission: To provide value-creating business models, products, services and solutions, and to ensure high employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Özgür Yeşilyurt Yüngül - Chief Experience Officer 

We measure the satisfaction of our employees, the factors that contribute to their motivation, the working conditions they need, through surveys we regularly conduct and researches we have made by independent organizations, and we implement effective policies. In the Happy Place to Work – Turkey’s Happiest Workplaces Survey, we received an average of 89 points, 91 from Wellbeing Index and 88 from HR Audit, and our success was confirmed with the 3 Star Happy Place to Work – Happy Workplace certificate. As for our employee experience strategy, as Multinet Up, we develop solutions for the management of employee-related expenses of companies, while providing cost advantages and operational convenience to employers, we offer a new generation experience to company employees, who are the end users of our solutions. For example, our meal card solution, MultiNet, was found to be the most preferred and the most preferred meal card brand, with a satisfaction score of 77 percent in the Meal Cards Survey conducted by Pragma Research last November. Similarly, with MultiGift, our corporate gift and social aid solution, we become the solution partner of institutions that want to stand out in the field of employer branding by increasing employee loyalty and motivation. Basically, what we do is to focus on the needs of our stakeholders and to pursue the question of how we can make their lives easier by offering the most innovative solution to these needs. We act with the awareness that we can achieve organic results only when we make the life of our employees easier, and we are organized with the motto “Perfect employee experience is the prerequisite for perfect customer experience”. As a matter of fact, we are proving the opposite of the claim that “the tailor cannot sew his own rip”.

“We support our teams with continuous training and professional development programs, performance-based rewards, flexible working environment, fringe benefits, and internal communication practices that serve to keep motivation and productivity high. According to the results of a survey we conducted a few months ago, 95 percent of our employees are satisfied with these works. In another survey that measures the satisfaction of our employees within the team, 97 percent of our employees state that they are satisfied with working with their teammates. Considering the transformation of working life in the post-pandemic period, we think that the success expressed by these rates is very valuable.”

Multinet CEO

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