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Otokar Automotive Industry Founded in 1963

Industry: Automotive
Company Size: 2253
Founded: 1963


A global company with 100 percent Turkish capital

Otokar, a Koç Group company, has been providing solutions special to the needs of the customers with its own technology, design and applications since 1963. It is operating with over 2000 employees at the factory built on a land of 552,000 m2 in Sakarya.

Otokar has been manufacturing buses for public transportation, light weight trucks for transportation and logistics industry, and tracked armoured vehicles and tactical armoured vehicles for the defense industry. 

Vision: Otokar preserves the local and national characteristics of its products by developing its technology in-house, and aims at the continued satisfaction of its customers, employees, and shareholders by embracing a total excellence philosophy.

Mission: The key mission of Otokar is to design, manufacture, and market commercial vehicles and various defense industry products developed in line with customer expectations that have global competitive power.

Berent Ergin - HR Director

“Since 2018, the birth year of our employer brand ‘My Name is Otokar’, we have been trying to listen to our colleagues more and to listen to their voices more. The way to create a happy workplace is to understand people with all their needs and expectations, and to find solutions suitable for differentiating needs and expectations. While aiming to offer differentiating experiences to our current colleagues, we continue our analyzes in order to welcome the younger generation. To push the boundaries of the hybrid model across the company, to increase the frequency of trainings that will prepare our leaders and our talents for the future, to differentiate the experiences of our colleagues, and to increase the happiness of our colleagues are just a few of the actions we plan for the future.”

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