Pladis Snacks Industry Founded in 1944

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Industry: Snacks
Company Size: 1270
Founded: 1944


Family and ideas have always been our ingredients.

Family and ideas have always been our ingredients. Our founding families believe biscuits and chocolates could bring moments of happiness to the world. Their ideas have stood the test of time. Their spirit continues to inspire our future. It’s in the care and the craft we bake into biscuits and chocolates that have been loved for generations. And it’s in the fresh ideas, the new twists, flavours and textures we add to old and new favourites.

Our 16,000 colleagues, in every corner of the world, bring their own experience of happiness to pladis. Each of us is unique but coming together as one family of bakers and chocolatiers working hard, with pride and with purpose. Because after all these years, we still believe biscuits and chocolates bring people together. We are pladis. We bake happiness. Happiness with every bite.

Mete Buyurgan - CEO

It was a very comprehensive and in-depth analysis process. It is valuable for the reliability of the result that everything is blended together, instead of just the survey sent to the employees or the information provided by the company. Also, the happy part for us was the positive feedback from our colleagues on the employee experience side.

We get together with our colleagues at various in-house meetings and feel their pulse with the loyalty surveys conducted at regular intervals within the company. It was also a source of pride for us that we got a high score as a result of the answers given by our employees in this research conducted by an independent organization.

Being among the happiest workplaces in Turkey has a special importance for us as a company that “promises happiness in every bite” since 1944. We are happy to see that we have internalized the values ​​we have adopted and adapted them to our culture. Thank you to the Happy Place to Work team for giving us the opportunity to reinforce our belief that we are on the right track.


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