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Polisan brand is widely known in glue and paint sectors

Industry: Paint
Company Size: 579
Founded: 1985


To make the world more enjoyable, colorful and peaceful with Polisan Kansai.

The Polisan brand is widely known in glue and paint sectors. The name is derived from polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glue and the word sanayi (Turkish for industry).PVA is also one of the raw materials of paint. Thus, Polisan’s industrial journey has been first producing the binder of paint (glue) and then the highest quality paint from this binder.The founders of the company, the Bitlis family, started commercial operations in the 1920s as a merchandizing firm until the establishment of a fabric painting and knitting business called Şark Mensucat. In 1964, they entered the chemicals industry with the foundation of Polisan Chemical, which produced emulsifier resins. In 1985, paint production had begun under the Polisan brand. And during the next 33 years, the company went from strength to strength.

Cemal Drahor - Managing Director

“What makes us a ‘smiling paint’ brand is our human resources, our stakeholders and our high motivation fed by their energy. We aim for a continuous process management that keeps Polisan Kansai Boya young and dynamic. With the Young PKB project, we made many new young members to our community. This project brought us dynamism and played a supporting role in the culture of our community. Our continuous improvement program enables us both to contribute to the development of our employees and to follow up the process improvement studies in our company. It is important for us to be a highly motivated, happy and sharing organization. Therefore, while determining our strategies, we take the opinions of all our employees and offer them the opportunity to realize their projects.”


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