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Polisan Chemistry Industry Founded in 1964

Industry: Chemistry
Company Size: 204
Founded: 1964


We create value in every geography.

Making a start in business life in 1956 with textile, Bitlis Family has gathered its operations in the fields of Chemistry, Paint, Port Operating, Real Estate and Agriculture under Polisan Holding in 2000. Polisan Holding has reinforced its position abroad with the PET plant it has acquired in Greece in 2013 and building chemicals plant it has constructed in Morocco in 2017. Currently being in partnership with Dow Chemical which is the 2nd largest chemistry company in the world and Kansai Paint which is among the top ten paint manufacturers of the world; Polisan Holding aims to strengthen its position among the leading corporations of our country by establishing partnerships and cooperation with the world’s top companies in their respective sectors.

Polisan Holding Companies are realizing social responsibility projects addressing women, children, education, environment and forestation with the focus on improving life quality.

Established in 2011, Yapı Kimyasalları A.Ş. was transferred to Polisan Kimya in 2017. With this new organization, it aims to gain the deserved position in the market soon with its chemical concrete and cement admixtures For this purpose, it has started operation of production facilities in Adana and Samsun in addition to the plant in Dilovası in 2016. Also focusing on overseas investments, Yapı Kimyasalları will commission another production plant in Casablanca province of Morocco as of December 2017, thus, it will enter the North Africa market. Commencing in the field of underground construction chemicals as of 2017, R&D studies are also being continued. Polisan Kimya will make a name in this segment in a short time.

Selçuk Denizligil - General Manager

“At Polisan Kimya, the opinions and suggestions of each employee who is a member of the community are meticulously listened to, and their ideas and projects are supported. Seeing that their ideas are cared for and efforts given to their realization motivates our employees immensely. Chemistry, which has the feature of being the main input material in all sectors, has a developing side that grows with innovation. We attach great importance to the academic side of the chemistry business as much as the practical side, and the strong muscles there motivate our employees to a great extent. The publication of their articles, the organization of in-house workshops on chemistry, the meticulous examination of the feasibility of each idea in the R&D department move our company forward as a stance and make our employees happy that they can realize themselves.”

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