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Sanovel Pharmaceuticals Industry Founded in 1983

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Company Size: 1300
Founded: 1983


Our Journey from the Past to the Present

Development, Innovation, and Human-Orientation are truly in our DNA. At Sanovel, it’s our mission to take each step firmly, become more agile, and achieve bigger goals. With our strong R&D, unique talent, and products of the highest standard, we are working towards creating a healthier world.

Sanovel, which produces at world standards without making any concessions to its principles and quality, was founded by Pharmacist Erol Toksöz. Having set up Ankara Galenos Pharmaceutical Warehouse in 1971, which is a step into the pharmaceutical industry, he purchased Adilna in 1982. He then established Sanovel in 1983. Having started its production life with 5 employees in Şişli, Sanovel today brings Turkish Pharmaceutical Sector to the future at these modern facilities with an indoor space of 59,000 m2, located on an area of 125,000 m2.

Having made a quick and stable improvement since its foundation, Sanovel is within the top 10 pharmaceutical companies regarding returns in the Turkish Pharmaceuticals Industry according to the data by IMS.

Sanovel Pharmaceutical Industry’s new production facility, first laid foundation at İstanbul Silivri Çantaköy on November 3, 2001, fully started production as of November 2006.The new production Site comprises the main production unit, cephalosporin production unit, refining unit, elevated storage and social recreational facility. The production is 200 million boxes per shift.

Closely following the developments in the world, Sanovel sets an example for the whole Turkish pharmaceutical industry, with the huge investments it makes in human resources and Research & Development studies.

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