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TSKB Real Estate Valuation Industry

Industry: Real Estate Valuation
Company Size: 94
Founded: 2002


We add sustainable value to real estate projects.

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TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Inc. is an affiliate of the Turkish Industrial Development Bank (Türkiye Sinai Kalkınma Bankası-TSKB). We rise on the expertise of our main shareholder TSKB in real property, machinery and equipment valuation.

We always feel the reputation and power of the TSKB brand in the market for more than half a century behind us, and guide domestic and foreign investors for the correct and reliable steps in their real property investments by our visionary consultancy services.

We generate innovative and different solutions in the field of consultancy by our experienced and specialized staff that is growing stronger every day, and offer comprehensive services to our broad customer mass.

TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Inc., registering its service quality by the prestigious RICS certificate that is acknowledged internationally, in addition to its CMB and BRSA licenses, is also the first company that offers valuation services for green building investments in Turkey. TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Inc. appraises the potential value of an asset or real property, a real property project or the rights and benefits associated with a real property on a specific date, independently and impartially; and offers services such as market investigation, feasibility analysis, most efficient and best use analysis and concept development consultancy, for real properties within the scope of its consultancy services.

Makbule Yönel Maya - General Manager

We are very proud and happy that TSKB Real Estate Appraisal has the title of “Turkey’s Happiest Workplace” in its sector.

We care about the health and happiness of our colleagues, and we focus equally on corporate and individual benefit in all our activities. We owe our distinctive service quality in the real estate appraisal sector to the strength we receive from our teams.

Thanks to this power and trust, we provide added value to both our industry and our country by successfully implementing many innovative applications and services. Being deemed worthy of the title of “The Happiest Workplace in Turkey” confirms our effort to always move forward with a people-oriented approach, and also increases our motivation to take the happiness and development of the TSKB Real Estate Appraisal family to higher levels.

We will do our best to maintain our title of happy workplace.

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