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UPT Payment Systems Industry Founded in 2010

Industry: Payment Systems
Company Size: 105
Founded: 2010


The most popular transfer system of Turkey

We, as UPT Odeme Hizmetleri A.S., completed the Licensing process under the Law on Payment and Security Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Monetary Organizations numbered 6493, which entered into effect on 20/06/2013, successfully, and became the first entity to obtain the license across Turkey. 

UPT is the first national global money transfer and payment platform across Turkey which can be utilized to send or receive money to/from bank account, credit card or name, either domestically or internationally, in multiple currencies. Setting off on its journey in 2010 under the brand of Uncostly Payment Transfer in Turkey, UPT has been proceeding on its way under the brand of Universal Payment Transfer since 2012.

Reaching 400 thousand service locations in nearly 200 countries around the world, UPT keeps growing across the 5 continents. This extensive network has made UPT the most popular transfer system of Turkey at home and abroad.

Hakan Özat - CEO

The research process was quite enjoyable for us. Although we always receive positive feedback from our colleagues, we were also wondering what the result would be in the independent survey. The fact that the survey is conducted by an independent research institution and that the information that all answers will be confidential is given to every user who fills out the survey on the website, gave us and our employees confidence. After the survey was shared in the office, the results were evaluated quickly and the were shared with us. All processes such as the preparation of the survey, its distribution and the evaluation of the results were managed very successfully by professionals and we completed the entire survey process easily.

First of all, this award made us believe that we, as UPT, are on the right track. As a company that has prioritized the happiness of its employees as well as its customers since the day it was founded, it made us very proud to know that our teammates also saw and appreciated this effort. We are also very happy that we have registered the happiness of our employees with such an award. Being aware of the importance of employee happiness for an efficient working environment, we will continue to increase our sensitivity on this issue in the future.

UPT ceo

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