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Yatsan Bedding Industry Founded in 1974

Industry: Bedding
Company Size: 1974
Founded: 1974


Everything started with our desire for people to experience a more comfortable and quality sleeping experience in the mattress industry.

We love sleep and the bed, which is an indispensable part of sleep. We believe in good sleep, the miraculous effect of good sleep on your health and happiness. Therefore, we love our job. We dream of a beautiful future where people sleep comfortably and wake up happy. Because we know that one third of human life is spent in sleep.

It has been scientifically proven that people who wake up fresh have a more enjoyable day, and those who sleep uninterrupted are more resistant to stress and fatigue. In other words, our sleep determines our quality of life; It is true that bed quality is the basis of an uninterrupted and quality sleep…

We work with the mission of adding value to lives by improving the sleep experience and understanding of comfort. Therefore, in Yatsan, which is constantly renewing and growing, the “bed” does not only offer a place to sleep; It is produced as a health object for a quality and healing sleep.

“Yatsan Products” are frequently preferred by those who appreciate the value of “Healthy and Uninterrupted Sleep” and by big hotels that want to offer their guests a perfect sleep just like us.

Although we benefit from new generation technologies in our production process, we rely on the knowledge and skills of our most skilled craftsmen. In order to offer you the sleeping comfort and superior quality we promise, each of our products is meticulously controlled by master craftsmen and experts throughout the entire production process.

Thanks to our experience of more than 45 years; We have become the only manufacturer and distributor of the world’s most well-known mattress brands such as Tempur, Sealy, Serta and King Koil in Turkey, and in more than 10 countries in Europe and Asia. Our friendly and expert sales representatives support you in reaching the product “you want and need” from our wide product range, each with different features.

We would like to thank you for making us the most recommended sleep experience brand in the world with all our efforts.

We continue to offer smart solutions with innovative products inspired by nature and designs that will add value to living spaces, in order to make your life easier while making it beautiful. Because you deserve the best…

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