Opportunity to learn, in a fun environment


WorkshopPro is an enterprise-ready online retrospective tool for remote teams. Our guided retrospective techniques ensure your workshops are worthwhile – each and every time.


    A retrospective is an opportunity to learn and improve, in a fun environment. In order to simplify the process, you should go over the following points:   What concrete steps can we take to make things better? These are often brief meetings that are not informative and don’t improve the team’s functionality and efficiency but also fails at what most Retrospectives do: “Engage the team”. Our WorkshopPro tool makes these team cooperation opportunities simple and enjoyable, ensuring you maintain good team morale.


    WorkshopPro is an agile retrospective tool that facilitates the entire retro process, making it simple, collaborative, and data-driven.


    Guided Facilitation

    Your team will be guided by WorkshopPro through an engaging retrospective from beginning to end using industry best practices. Everyone can follow along and work together toward the same objective as your team progresses from data collection to action plan formulation.

    Action Plan

    After voting on the most important topics, your team needs to develop an action plan. WorkshpPro will lead you through each topic thanks to its quick-access side panel, making it simple for your team to concentrate on the discussion. For each issue, make as many action items as necessary, and assign a team member to each one.
    Safe & Secure


    Your workshop data is protected with 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption over the wire and AES256 encryption at rest.


    Fun & Easy

    Plan your retrospective meetings right away and quickly. Spend less time prior to, during, and following the retrospective meeting. Invite as many individuals as you want to join your newly formed teams and work together.


    WorkshopPro will automatically produce a report at the conclusion of your retrospective. The action items and their lifespan, a condensed view of the comments arranged by votes, and a list of the participants in this retrospective are all included in this report. It also provides all the important information you and your team need to reference.
    Data Protection

    KVKK Compliant

    We store all of our data on servers within the borders of Turkey in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK).

    How it works

    Realtime Collaboration! WorkshopPro allows teams that are remote or co-located to run productive, engaging, and fun retrospectives.


    Online retrospective tool

    The easiest to use yet the most comprehensive retro tool ever.

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